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tas01September 5, 2017 marked the 25th anniversary of Batman:  The Animated Series. As a celebration of what is perhaps the greatest super hero cartoon ever created, and as a bit of an experiment in seeing how much nostalgia colors our opinion of this series, I decided to work my way through the show one episode at a time. Every Friday, a new episode write-up will be posted (except during December 1-25 when this blog goes Christmas) until we’ve revisited them all. This isn’t a short series, so this feature is going to run well into 2019 and it’s going to become a bit difficult to find your favorite episode so I decided, now that we’re 20 episodes deep, to add this little index to the blog.

If you’re watching along with these posts, we’re going in production order as opposed to original air date order. The good news is that the DVD volumes released of the show are also in production order so it’s really easy to follow along if you have those. Sadly, as of this update, the show is no longer available with Amazon Prime taking away the most convenient way to consume it, but a new Blu Ray set is on the way and the show is still available for digital purchase.

  1. 711wpfzaphL._SX342_On Leather Wings
  2. Christmas with the Joker
  3. Nothing to Fear
  4. The Last Laugh
  5. Pretty Poison
  6. The Underdwellers 
  7. P.O.V.
  8. The Forgotten
  9. Be a Clown
  10. Two-Face:  Part I
  11. Two-Face:  Part II
  12. It’s Never Too Late
  13. I’ve Got Batman in My Basement
  14. Heart of Ice
  15. The Cat and the Claw:  Part I
  16. The Cat and the Claw:  Part II
  17. See No Evil
  18. Beware the Gray Ghost
  19. Prophecy of Doom
  20. Feat of Clay:  Part I
  21. Feat of Clay:  Part II
  22. Joker’s Favor
  23. Vendetta
  24. Fear of Victory
  25. The Clock King
  26. Appointment in Crime Alley
  27. Mad as a Hatter
  28. Dreams in Darkness
  29. Eternal Youth710yyAd98AL._SL1103_
  30. Perchance to Dream
  31. The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy
  32. Robin’s Reckoning:  Part I
  33. Robin’s Reckoning:  Part II
  34. The Laughing Fish
  35. Night of the Ninja
  36. Cat Scratch Fever
  37. The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne
  38. Heart of Steel:  Part I
  39. Heart of Steel:  Part II
  40. If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?
  41. Joker’s Wild
  42. Tyger Tyger
  43. Moon of the Wolf
  44. Day of the Samurai
  45. Terror in the Sky
  46. Almost Got ‘Im
  47. Birds of a Feather
  48. What Is Reality?
  49. I Am The Night
  50. Off Balance
  51. The Man Who Killed Batman
  52. Mudslide
  53. Paging the Crime Doctor
  54. Zatanna
  55. The Mechanic
  56. Harley and Ivybtas vol 3
  57. Shadow of the Bat:  Part I
  58. Shadow of the Bat:  Part II
  59. Blind as a Bat
  60. The Demon’s Quest:  Part I
  61. The Demon’s Quest:  Part II
  62. His Silicon Soul

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